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April 1st — and with 0 notes

Looking for new members!!

To be a member you need:

Psd pack #2 by Just-colorings: [Download]

Tutorial by Just-colorings:

This is simple. Open your gif on PS. Crop, sharpen, do whatever you need. Ok, In this case the size of my gif is (85x85) but it depends on your theme.

Now, add a gradient :

Settings: Style:Linear ; Angle: 156.37 ;

Now on top of that, add a coloring.

Then create a new layer and with a lighter color paint over the gradient and set to Soft Light.Duplicate the layer. And finally, (This is optional) add a texture.

Any question feel free to ask. Thanks!

Anonymous yelled:
hey, i was wondering how do you make the gifs with such high quality? thanks

I use actions. I recommend this one,

March 6th — and with 1 note

Psd 49 by Just-colorings: {Download}

Psd 51 by Just-colorings: {Download}

2nd Texture pack by Just-colorings: 

Reign psd by Just-colorings: [Download]

Psd 02 by Just-colorings: {Download}